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Brellis Recruitment is based just outside Leamington Spa. The business was co-founded by Matthew Breakwell and Zoe Ellis, who have 18 years and 16 years recruitment experience respectively. Both Zoe and Matt were in the top performing 5% of their previous employer winning awards and accolades year after year. After several years, they decided to go it alone and open in their home town – it was an opportunity too good to turn down.

The name Brellis is a combination of the co-founder’s surnames, this joining of names symbolises uniting their recruitment knowledge from very different sectors. Zoe’s primary markets are Accountancy & Finance & HR but also encompass Contact Centre, Marketing/Sales and Clerical support and Matthew’s experience lies in solution provision to the Automotive, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Logistics sectors.

Matthew and Zoe’s experience ranges from supplying start-ups and local SMEs to supporting global corporations across the energy, travel, logistics, IT/cloud, supply chain and manufacturing sectors and they have worked on both volume and highly niche requirements.

The Brellis team, take their work seriously and believe in their mantra of “be your best”. They will provide you with a consultative service, not only providing you with the very best candidates but also advice on salary benchmarks, interview technique and offerings, employee engagement ideas, legislation updates and industry changes.

The Elephant in the Room

You may be wondering “why the Elephant?” and you wouldn’t be alone…

Ellie the elephant represents Brellis’ roots in Leamington Spa. A town steeped in history and a little known story, featuring the first Elephant trainer in England, Sam Lockhar. Sam was born into the Circus in 1850 and returned from a trip to Ceylon with three 3 tonne beauties. The elephants were taken down to bathe in the River in Leamington until their trumpeting disturbed worshippers in the parish church nearby – at this stage it was decided to move the animals to wash further away. Walking around the town centre you will notice various nods towards the theme including a beautiful monument of the three original elephants.


Elephants are natural leaders and represent protection, consideration, strength, longevity and reliability. Brellis Recruitment embraces these principles and apply them to their working practices, really believing in the core values they embody.

In summary, Brellis Recruitment want to make the recruitment process as simple and effective as possible, offering helpful and consultative advice and working in partnership with clients and candidates to ensure the best outcome, every time.

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