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The team at Brellis get to know each candidate as an individual and to understand fully each client’s requirements to ensure they provide the best possible service to both.  They understand how vital it is to get culture fit just right and to make sure you are treated as a person not a commodity.

They listen to what you say and will not mislead or miss-sell an opportunity.

Brellis want to represent you to give you the opportunity to “be your best” and to allow you access to opportunities that will fulfil your potential and feel positive about your role and workplace.

The candidate journey and experience is vitally important to get right.  Brellis will be there with you every step of the way and provide counsel, take feedback and deliver results on your behalf. It is imperative that you as a candidate are thoroughly briefed and prepared for the interview process.

Brellis can advise on:

  • Interview techniques
  • Managing difficult scenarios
  • Handling counteroffers
  • Negotiating the right salary and package
  • Resigning from your current role
  • Making the first impression count
  • Feeding back
  • Choosing the right opportunity to meet your long term goals
  • Transport issues and tackling this

Brellis Recruitment are dedicated to ensuring the recruitment process is as seamless and effective as possible, where all parties work in partnership to achieve a universally beneficial outcome.

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